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Brand name: Yaxuan
Item number: 2017YX-18
Size: King, Queen, Double, Single, or Customized
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others



Through remote control operation, under the action of the motor, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted to adapt to the bending degree of various parts of the human body, so that the neck, back and buttocks are in a more comfortable posture. The head can be adjusted up to fit the angle and that can be raised in height of 58CM. 

The foot parts of the bed can be adjusted down to fit the angle which in height of 20CM. Lift the leg to relax the leg muscles, relieve fatigue and relax the whole body. For some special groups, such as drivers, long-standing and sedentary office workers, and women wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time, they can significantly improve their fatigue.

It adopts double motors, and the head and tail of the bed are adjusted separately. German OKIN motor is adopted, which is safe, high load-bearing, low noise, small vibration, safe lifting and durable. Low noise DB motor does not affect people’s sleeping.

We can provide additional service that others do not provide. Support printing your company logo on our products or packaging.

Simple fashion, classic, meticulous workmanship, details determine the quality.Lift the leg up to about 15 degrees, and with each heartbeat, the blood will quickly flow to the feet and legs, and the blood from the legs will quickly return to the heart. This can make the whole body blood circulation better, reduce the heart burden, and achieve zero gravity balance of the heart.


Brand name YAXUAN
Item No. 2017YX-18
Size options W99*L191CM / W99*L203CM/W93*L203CM
Height 23CM ( Total height from ground to surface)
Materials Aluminum alloy + plastic + wood slat
Quantity of wood slat 2x14PCS
Function Wired remote control (wireless remote control can be customized.)
The head of bed can be raised in height 58CM, for reference only, please refer to the actual measurement data.
The foot of bed can be raised in height 20CM, for reference only, please refer to the actual measurement data.
Motor OKIN
Operating voltage 110V-240V
Push force Max: 6000N
Foldable or not NO
Color Buff
Application recommendation Household, medical, hotel, health care center, nursing home, etc.
Packing Information Carton
Place of origin GUANGDONG Province, China
Warranty period 2 year warranty for Motor( non-human damage)

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