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Membrane switch panel working principle

When the membrane switch is pressed, the contacts of the upper circuit are deformed downward and contacted with the pole plate of the lower circuit for conduction. When the finger is released, the contacts of the upper circuit bounce back, the circuit is broken, and the circuit triggers a signal.

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Membrane panel is an operating system that integrates key function, indication element, and instrument panel. It is composed of four parts: panel, upper circuit, isolation layer, and lower circuit. The main structure of the membrane panel is generally composed of keys and membrane, the thickness of the membrane switch is generally controlled at about 0.15mm, if it is too thin then there is no rebound, the use of the switch will not be so sensitive, if it is too far back, the press will also be very hard, are not good products.

The production of flat type switches tend to choose a slightly higher thickness when selecting the membrane, which is used to ensure that the product is used for a long time and many times. Another application in the circuit contact type of panel requires the use of a slightly thinner, only when the diameter of the bulb is relatively thin, will choose to use a thinner film.

The overall structure of the membrane keypad is so simple that when you get a membrane panel, all you have to do to observe the circuitry and circuit board of the panel is to take off the keypad cover and you can see it.

When the shape of the designed keys is large, it is best to choose a 0.18 mm thick film, which has a moderate thickness, has a good rebound effect, can be used frequently and is not easily damaged. If you choose a film thickness is not enough, it is easy to penetrate. Make the membrane switch use is not sensitive.

The advantages of membrane switch panel keys are very much, his working principle and other different categories of keys compared to the advantages of outstanding, it is in a conductive membrane welded on top of many conductive metal points, each key can be connected to the same membrane switch membrane panel keys are how to work the line, you can achieve different control effects, membrane panel has a barrier layer, its role is to do a key and panel when no one pressed When doing a key and the panel react, press the time to connect the circuit. Complete the instructions.